Blue hour

Blue hour is a 10 minutes short film realised together with Ilja Schamlé. It is composed of interviews of people we met in the streets of Portland, OR, during the blue hour of the day. The film reflects upon our daily surprising encounters in Portland, with the question “how are you?”. As a social experiment we started asking this question back, researching the variety of answers and discussions that could arise. It lead us to wonder about the role of small talk within a society and its resonance with a certain culture. Director and actor, we were present in the film through our voice, enacting a script inspired by the conversations we had after the interviews.

Looped, it was screened as an installation , with a programmed dark blue light, figuring the real-life timespan and atmosphere of the video. The question “how are you?” — only suggested in the video — was projected on the floor, appearing randomly over time.

[Link upon request]