elles sont des femmes chiliennes.

at first i didn’t say anything. my words were confused. my questions unclear. my spanish faltering. intimidated i didn’t dare to sit. she offered me a tea, un tecito, as she said. it was very sweet and warming my chest. the loom was standing against the wall, wool was laying on the ground. teresa was her name. we were in the wooden house where she lived with her husband and her two sons. through the window i could see their sheep and their remaining land.

In 2016, I went alone for a month and a half to Chile, from South to North, to encounter women weaving. I was interested in collecting testimonies about the condition of women in a South American country, and the social aspects of a traditional, local and cultural craft. I learnt a lot from this situations and encounters. In the end, I made three 20 minutes long movies, portraits of Chilean women, with their gestures, thoughts and stories.

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[This project was made possible thanks to the scholarship Zellidja.]