if only flowers could talk.

audiovisal installation, presented in the Beaux-Arts of Paris, in June 2022

Offering flowers might manifest joy, sincerity, and various feelings. It might mark a form of attention or a request for attention. Sometimes flowers replace those words that are impossible to formulate. And offering flowers — these ephemeral objects — appears more as a social performance. In an installation that plays with words and images, I question their commodification and I seek to highlight the systems of dependency that are inherent to our exchanges, and the systemic loops — that drive, push but also constrain us — in which we are caught.

In this room, you won't see (or almost no) flowers because this project isn't about flowers as such or about their aesthetic power, but about everything around them before they arrive on your dining table, even though it means logistics and mass production.

Although each work of the installation refers to a specific component of larger and meticulously articulated co-dependent chain, each of them has its own temporality and narrative. These works can thus be thus be presented in an autonomous way, and not necessarily as a corpus.

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